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Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR initiative

Corporate Social Responsibility is an unceasing commitment of the corporate sector in improving the community well being by bringing about sustainable positive changes in the society.

RAAIF’s aim is to mainly empower the students community by integrating social, environmental and ethical responsibility towards society. To achieve this, the contribution and cooperation of the corporate sector becomes necessary. In line with this, we design sustainable tailormade solutions to suit corporate sector’s CSR requirement.

Road Safety

We identify accident prone areas and trace the causes for accidents. Designing and implementing preventive measures at feasible quarters - to avoid further such accidents, educating the motorists on the impact created by irresponsible driving, helping pedestrians save their privilege on the roads and more are on our fold.

My Zebra campaign
Road safety workshop
Robo car mania

Infrastructure Projects

Science labs

Building and Installing science labs (tinkering labs ) , infrastructure development , curriculum for hands on learning . regular training through volunteers